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Link to blog via RSS feed

Via IFTTT (if-this-then-that) service, interesting things can be realized, such as a connection between different web sites via RSS feed.

My wordpress account automatically includes a free Wordpress blog. This is available at

So far, I have made no use of it, since I already operate under my own domain a self-hosted blog.

Playing around with IFTTT, I have come up with some interesting approaches to using this blog, so I am already using the blog hosted on WordPress to publish my current music stream in the form of single blog posts (see previous post).

Now it was obvious to create a link in the opposite direction. Again IFTTT was used by tapping the RSS feed of the blog to automatically generate new posts on the Wordpress blog. As a result, any new post posted on the blog will automatically appear as a new post on the blog hosted at

Click here to read more New sub-menu ''Recently heard on amazon music'

On a new sub menu menu entry to Music has been added:

New sub-menu Last heard on Amazon music

On the page 'Recently listened to amazon music' is the list of music tracks linked that I recently heard on amazon music . The links direct to my public Wordpress blog, which can be found at

Comments and/or likes to the titles that are listed there would be very much appreciated.

Click here to read more New category 'Sailing'

On new categories and menu entries have been added to improve clarity.

New category Sailing

The category Sailing is intended for sailing reports and further information about sailing. You will find the corresponding menu as a sub-item to the Travel menu.

Click here to read more Neue Kategorien und Menüs

On new categories and menu entries have been added to improve clarity.

New category Paintings

In the Painting category you can now find all of my pictures painted on canvas or other materials. Most of the works are done in acrylic on canvas. Otherwise, the important details for each picture are explained in the post. The corresponding menu can be found as a sub-item to the Arts and Culture menu.

New category Digital Painting

The images painted or drawn on a computer or smartphone can now be found in the Digital Painting category. Again, the motives and further details of each picture are explained in the post. The corresponding menu can be found as a sub-item to the menu Arts and Culture.

New category 3D Print

To summarize all my activities in terms of 3D printing under a common category, there is the new category 3D-Print.
There you can find all self- printed or self-designed 3D models. For each article you will find more details about the model, the design and printing or print preparation etc. Since the number of posts in this category is relatively large already, I will possibly implement further subcategories in the future. The new category was added as a sub-item to the DIY-Menu.

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Howto: Change Wordpress homepage-adress to https://

Img Wordpress+https

As you may have noticed, this website has been switched to https:// several days ago. This means that is no longer available with with it is available. If you haven't already done so, please change the bookmarks saved as favorites in the browser accordingly. However, the site is currently still accessible via http, but the response time takes slightly longer: in such cases the https page is called via a redirect that will result in the longer response time. If you are also considering upgrading your Wordpress installation to https (better SEO and safer), here's a well-written guide:

Howto: Wordpress on https:// (sorry only in german language)

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qTranslateX 似乎工作


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