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Germany 2019: Rich are getting richer

Germany 2019: Rich are getting richer

No wonder ??

According to the latest monthly report of the German Federal Bank, the imbalances in the distribution of wealth in Germany have risen again:

  • the richest ten percent of German households own 55 percent of total net wealth,
  • with 40 percent of households holding 42 percent of total net wealth.
  • the 50 percent of households with less money own only three percent of total net wealth.

The full report from Bundebank as well a corresponding article on the subject can be found here:

Current report of the German Bundesbank
Article on the subject on

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Lechts oder Rinks ?

Hey, ich habe gerade Lechts oder rinks von Joseph T. Hallinan auf Blinkist entdeckt. Blinkist ist der einfachste Weg, mehr zu wissen, und bietet dir die Wichtigsten Ideen aus Sachbüchern in 15min.

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Politiker verklagen wegen Verbreitung von Lügen ?

Warum nicht, dachte sich Marcus J. Ball und sammelte alles verwertbare Material, um damit Boris Johnson, den englischen Außenminister wegen der Verbreitung von Unwahrheiten wären der BREXIT-Kampagne zu verklagen.

Die ganze Story dazu ist auf Zeit-Online zu finden.

Ich drück' ihm ganz fest die Daumen, dass er damit Erfolg hat, damit es noch möglichst viele Nachahmer geben möge.

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Oh Mario, wie peinlich....

und wieder ein Ex-Fußballstar, der meint, noch sonstige verborgene Talente zu haben 🙁

Mario Basler versucht sich als Entertainer auf der Bühne der Berliner Urania, und gibt eine wohl sehr sehr peinliche Vorstellung !! Anscheinend finden sich wirklich noch "Fans", die bereit sind für diese traurige Vorstellung Geld auszugeben, unglaublich !!

Hier ist der Link zur sehr gut geschriebenen Rezession auf

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Donald Trump - The enemy in the US

Trump's latest lies are an open attack on the federal government and the European Union. This US president has never been a partner, he is an aggressive opponent. You should finally treat him accordingly.

Vladimir Putin is covered. The Russian president controls a clever disinformation campaign. The aim of this secret operation is to unsettle the populations of Western countries, to discredit their institutions, to split society, to influence elections and ultimately to overthrow liberal democracy. Nevertheless, not a few people persist in believing that Putin is innocent and that the opposite is a malicious fabrication of Western services. Everything just conspiracy theory?

In any case, nobody can doubt the intentions of Donald Trump. Ever since he was in office, Trump has waged an extermination campaign against multilateral agreements of all kinds. Foreign affairs are not interested in this man, they merely serve him as an instrument of his inward, nationalist "America first" ideology. Cooperation is Trump's weakness. Recent evidence: The US withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council.

Trump is open. The American President is now also running his perpetual disinformation campaign against the Federal Republic of Germany. He uses them to justify his morally depraved refugee policy to the US people. The heartbreaking scenes on the southern US border, where crying children are brutally separated from their parents because they've made the mistake of trying to find a better life for themselves and their families in the US, are now bringing Trump to die-hard supporters Distress. His zero-tolerance policy is a PR disaster that he is now trying to stem by all means - including attacks on Germany.

The local coalition crisis in the dispute over refugee policy took the US president on the occasion of an unprecedented interference. The German people turn away from his leadership, tweeted Trump downright maliciously, the crime had increased sharply, he lied. Throughout Europe, the big mistake has been to let in millions of people who have violently changed the culture there.

Aside from letting that lie, one man, of all places, who, like no other human being at present, is responsible for the brutal attempt to destroy everything that has been painstakingly built since the Second World War on the political culture of inter-peoples' coexistence.

In a second admission, Trump repeated his lie about increased crime in Germany and made another claim: officials would not want to report these crimes. Trump's tweets are reading off directly from a sinking Pegida speech.

From Donald Trump, the world is now used to a lot, he makes it more tender. But blunting must not lead to normalizing and accepting his aggressive insolence. The unsubstantiated allegation that the federal government and the state authorities deliberately lied to the population about the true extent of local crime should not be without consequences. His incitement of angered citizens is nothing more than the open attack of a foreign power on the government of that country. From this White House the direct attempt is made to destabilize the Federal Republic of Germany.

Angela Merkel has reacted too cautiously in the face of this threat. The Chancellor referred only briefly to the recently submitted by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer crime statistics - which speaks for itself. In fact, the crime has fallen slightly, and if there is a German politician to whom you can not insinuate any beautification in this matter, then it is Seehofer.

No, this US President has never been a partner, he is a bitter opponent. We should finally start to treat him accordingly. An appointment of the US ambassador and formal protest can only be a first step. Relations with this US government should be kept to a minimum. It is no longer necessary to continue pretending to be friendly. Germany and the European Union should give up any polite self-restraint in the public assessment of this US government. The line of conversation to her may not break, but it can not be more than a thread. We knew for a long time that we can not rely on the USA under Donald Trump anymore. At least now it is clear: we have to protect ourselves from him.

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