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Customizing Number- Ranges for Plant- Maintenance in SAP

As an SAP- Professional in my company i have to do some customizing work in our SAP Plant Maintenance System.

I will post here several interesting tasks that repeatedly occur in my daily business to remind me (or others) of the steps and configurations which have to be done.

First i'll start with my task to identify the relevant number ranges for a new Section in Plant Maintenance which is going to be operated in the near future. This section will use its own Order-types, Notification-Types, Maintenance- Plans and Equipments. So in every SAP-system the number ranges have to be customized, in our environment the number ranges are not maintained by the SAP- Transport- System, that means in every SAP- System like Development, Test or Production the

number ranges have to be maintained separately via Transaction SNRO

Next step is to find out what range- objects have to be customized.

For the above mentioned objects these are:

  • EQUIP_NR for Equipments and their numbers
  • AUFTRAG for Orders i.e. by  Order-Type
  • MPLA_NR for Maintenance- Plans
  • QMEL_NR for Notifications i.e. Types of notifications

So, via Transaction SNRO these objects need to be configured in every SAP- System.


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