Virtual Art: Birdmigration

bird migration,
wandering thoughts
travel with them
freed from all burdens,

Flying in formation, the objects disappear from the viewer’s viewpoint. The forms are only indicated and can be seen in the shape of an outline. The unmixed colored icing on the retina of the beholder closes only at a distance.
As the note is an abstract sign for an acoustic sound, the image point on the screen becomes a sign of a visual stimulus. The eye reads the characters as colors and surfaces and constructs its sense impression.

The eye becomes a deciphering machine.

… and the Concorde is already history!

Birdmigration; Digital Paint by Herbie in 10-2017

Painting-Project Woman with Flowers – Final Version

Here comes the preliminary final version of the painting project woman with flowers 😉

Painting-Project Woman with Flowers - Final Version
Painting-Project Woman with Flowers – Final Version; painted by Herbie in September – October 2017


A woman with a bouquet of flowers, integrated into an environment with insignia of modern industrial age.

Constructive interaction of volume and surface structures. Metallic shimmering shades, masked face, schematic limb, the de-individualized man as a “homme-machine”.

The picture is in the size 90 cm x 120 cm, acrylic on linen canvas.