Touch Screens in Cockpits Would Improve Airliner Safety, Research Shows

So so, how about asking the pilots not the researchers ??

Nevertheless interesting report:

Virtual Art: Study of Ducati Desmo “Königswelle”- Engine

Drawing / study of the beautiful Ducati Desmo “Königswellen” engine. The engine was initially only roughly sketched in outline, although essential details such as the “Königswellen” should be recognizable.

Based on this, the painting was created for the same object, which can be found here.

Study ( drawing ) of Ducati Desmo “Königswelle” engine, created by Herbie in September 2017


Boxster Repair Instruction: MAF Replacement

Mass Airflow Sensor
Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass Airflow Sensor Troubleshooting and Replacement Time/Tab/Talent: about 1 hour / € 300/ Medium (++)
Note: Try cleaning the unit first
Special Tools : Tamper-proof T20 Torx driver
Performance Gain: Smoother-running engine
Applicable Years: All

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