Experiences of BAHN Travelers 2018: “Great, half day off”

Interesting article on experiences of travelers of Deutsche Bahn 2018:


Deutsche Bahn: Ich kann nicht mehr, ich muss hier raus!

Bericht über einen älteren Herrn der nur mal schnell mit der deutschen Bahn von Kiel nach Vegesack (bei Bremen) fahren wollte, dort aber nach 8-stündiger Irrfahrt trotzdem nicht an kam:


German Rail: Today in a modified wagon sequence

More and more delays, train cancellations and disruptions at German Rail. The company is not currently shining with positive news, but rather the complaints of customers about serious disruptions in operation and service.

Why is it so and where it could lead to ? Johann-Günther König tries to explain in his book “On time like the German railway ?” .

A worth reading article can be found on FAZ.net under the following link:


Video: 3D- Print of double wall Tealight-Holder voronized, very beautiful and decorative !

3D-Print of a beautiful Tealight Holder printed with white PLA 1.75 mm.

It is double walled in Voroni- style that gives nice effects when a tealight is placed in it, the bottom is designed to hold a standard tealight.

Although i know PLA is not the best material for this object due to the higher temperature inside of a tealight, maybe i make another print in abs later. Object was sliced with CURA, no support, but raft needed for better bed adhesion and stability during the printing process.

Printed with anycubic i3 mega, 0.8mm nozzle, 195° nozzle temp, no heatbed, printing time was more then 5 hours, kaisertech filament white was used.

Link to the video ‘3d-print Tealightholder’ on youtube

For more information feel free to give me a comment, thumbs up on youtube would be nice 😉

RFID: Tutorial on integrating RFID in NodeRED environment using IBM BlueMIX Technology

The linked Tutorial gives a brief overview of all the steps that are necessary to integrate a RC522 RFID Reader via Raspberry PI into NodeRED environment using IBM Bluemix services, watson IOT and nodes.

Very interesting and quite easy to do: