Train delay, Reason: engine driver is absent !!

16.8.2017 in the ICE 79 at station Frankfurt-Süd,

18:15: the ICE79 already has a delay of almost 15 minutes, then he finally arrived in Frankfurt South. While all passengers are waiting for the departure, it is announced, that unfortunately it can not go any further. Reason: disruption in the course of the business, uhm, (then comes the REAL truth) “we are still waiting for our train driver”, if it was’nt that sad, one would have to laugh at it, especially because of the very rare and disarming honesty. Most of the time, the Deutsche Bahn is hiding behind well-known slogans such as “disturbance in the operating sequence”, “technical disturbance”, “passenger on track”.

Well, let’s wait and see when he comes and wants to start his work, the wanted one!

Update: It’s 18.46 am 16.8.2017 and it can start, the driver seems to have been found, signs and miracles still happen!

Artwork: Firehorse

Acryl on Canvas

Painted by Herbie in January 2017

The Fire Horse is destined to lead an exciting and eventful life and make their mark in their chosen profession. They have a forceful personality and their intelligence will bring them support of many people.

They love action and excitement in their life and will rarely be quiet. They can be quite blunt and straight forward at times in their views and do not take kindly to interference in their own affairs.

This artwork is dedicated to my wonderful wife Nicki, who i truly love and adore !


Thunderstorm in Germany and train traffic is stopped again !!

It is getting worse: after 22.6. due to “severe thunder” the train traffic was stopped (see separate post), this is done again on 15.8. (same justification).
Occurring damages to trains, Railways etc: almost none !!!
Deutsche Bahn can be described as a pure “good-weather-company ” from now on, as in the case of suddenly occurring weather imbalance immediately all operation is stopped.
Great !!

Thunderstorm in Germany and train traffic is stopped, RIDICULOUS !!!

Where is this to end?

No sooner is it flashing and thundering, the German railway is first to stop “cautiously” the entire train traffic to and from Northern Germany. Consequence:

Delays of several hours and train failures, train travelers and commuters are again the stupid! What comes next: Heat-free at the DB at temperatures of more than 25 degrees, of course, only for the sake of well-being and protection of the customers?

Adjustment of the train traffic with high ozone values or when the solar wind blows again too strongly?

Just embarrassing what this company is doing.