Name of the tv-show of 80s/90s is needed

Got a recent request from my sister, she asked for the name of a show that was popular in germany, late 80s, her are some details of the plot:

  • the main actor is working in a radio station, answers nightly-request of outside- callers,Β  offering help and advise.
  • American show
  • Another woman is always involved, acting as a lawyer or psychologist
  • kind of a thriller

My only suggestion is:

If you have better suggestions, pls post your comments πŸ™‚ thx in advance

2 thoughts on “Name of the tv-show of 80s/90s is needed

  1. Got it! Just great, “Midnight caller”, took you very few minutes.
    Thanks a lot, I love high-speed research with optimum results!
    Best pal, best practice: enjoy your time and many more similar
    requests for your brain power! DS

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